Notts: County Council to reveal its Pay Policy Statement for the year

The annual Pay Policy Statement, listing the pay, terms and conditions of 9,428 employees directly employed by Notts County Council will be discussed at next Thursday’s (27th March) full council meeting.
Notts County Council leader Coun Alan RhodesNotts County Council leader Coun Alan Rhodes
Notts County Council leader Coun Alan Rhodes

All local authorities have a legal duty to publish a Pay Policy Statement, which includes information about how the county council’s chief executive and senior officers are paid and how this relates to the pay of other council staff.

Under national agreements, pay for the council’s most senior officers has been frozen since 2008 and the statement will also list a number of senior managers who transferred from the NHS who transferred as part of national changes to the way public health services are delivered and whose pay and conditions are protected for two years by law.

Council leader Coun Alan Rhodes, said: “We’ve looked very hard at changing how we work and the services we provide.”

“This means we’ve already been able to reduce the number of management jobs by 220 posts, with a further 75 likely to go later this year.”

“In addition, two service director posts have also recently been removed.”