Notts: County council is all ready for upcoming care and support changes

Work is underway to change the way care and support is provided in Notts from April to meet new requirements set out by Government.

Wednesday, 11th February 2015, 10:55 am
Guardian News

Notts County Council is already ahead of the game in providing much of what is expected by the new requirements set up by the Care Act.

Councils will be expected to assess carers to see if they are eligible for help with their role and improve their wellbeing, which Notts County Council already does.

The changes also mean that all councils will have to provide a finance scheme for people to use the value of their homes to pay for their care costs.

The County Council already offers a scheme that pays care costs on a resident’s behalf until they decide to sell their home or after their death. People who currently use this scheme will not be affected by the national changes.

Another change is a new national eligibility threshold for people in care in place of current arrangements that vary from area to area.

The County Council’s current eligibility threshold is equivalent to the new threshold and from April Notts residents will be able to carry out an initial assessment of their needs using an online form. The next assessment date for people already receiving support will not change.