Notts: Council warning over misleading websites

Coun Glynn Gilfoyle has warned residents to stay alert on the web
Coun Glynn Gilfoyle has warned residents to stay alert on the web

Notts residents are being warned about independent companies offering an online application form checking service, following a rise in local complaints about misleading websites.

During January, the County Council’s trading standards team received 24 complaints from residents who believed they were applying for a new passport, driving licence or paying for their tax return on an official website, which turned out to be an independent company offering a form-checking service.

Residents are urged to use Government websites ending in for driving licences, passport applications and tax return matters.

Coun Glynn Gilfoyle, chairman of the council’s community safety committee, said: “Whilst these companies are not breaking any laws, we are encouraging residents to read the small print to make sure they are clear what their fee involves.

“Most state on their websites that they are only a check and submit service but their website can often look like an official government application site.

“It is also worth checking official websites to find out the actual cost of renewing a passport or driving licence which should give you a good idea whether the offer is too good to be true.”