Notts: Council issues warning over halogen heaters

Heaters pose safety risk
Affected Halogen HeaterAffected Halogen Heater
Affected Halogen Heater

Nottinghamshire residents are being advised to keep an eye on their halogen heaters whilst in use following a spate of local incidents involving heaters catching fire.

The County Council’s Trading Standards team has had five reports about halogen heaters overheating, exploding or melting.

Investigations are underway on the affected appliances but halogen heater owners are being reminded to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how they should be used, including the advised maximum use time and suitable location.

Consumers thinking of buying a new halogen heater are advised to buy a reputable make from a reputable trader.

Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle, Chair of the Council’s Community Safety Committee, said: “It is unknown what the cause of the problem with these particular heaters is at present but it appears that cheaper heaters are more prone to catching fire.

“Our advice is spend the extra cash on a decent model and do not leave the heaters unattended for long periods of time.”

John Morton, 84, from Collingham, is a carer for his wife and purchased two halogen heaters from an advert in a national newspaper. He purchased them in two for one price deal.

He said: “The end part from one of the glass tubes flew out and burning embers fell on to the floor. It went off with quite a bang.

“We were lucky as we were in the room and the embers didn’t fall on to my wife or I but if it was left alone it could have been a different story.

“The advert went on about its safety features and this has put me off using a similar heater again. We’re now sticking to a blow heater.”

People should report any problems with a halogen heater to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06.