Notts: Council issues warning of online scams

Notts residents are being warned about an online loan scam which left a Boughton mother-of-two £500 out of pocket.

By Sophie Wills
Wednesday, 7th May 2014, 4:13 pm
Guardian News
Guardian News

The County Council’s Trading Standards team has received complaints about a number of websites offering free membership which claim to give members access to a range of loan and credit card providers at no cost but require them to input their bank details.

When customers sign up to the website via its terms and conditions they permit their bank details to be shared with other companies.

Miss Charmaine Garton signed up to one of these sites believing she was applying for a loan. Numerous loan companies debited her account £48 to £80 at a time which amounted to around £500 being taken from her account.

She said: “Different loan companies have been taking amounts from my account which I need to pay for food, rent and to bring up my kids. They have been bleeding me dry.”

The council has issued the following advice: Be wary of online loan or related companies, never put your bank details onto a website unless you are certain it is legitimate and contact your bank immediately if you are suspicious.