Notts: 43-year-old man in the woods beckoned teenage boy to his car and asked him for sexual favours

A 43-year-old man who cornered a teenage boy in the woods and asked him for sexual favours has walked free from court after being slapped with an £80 fine.

By Sophie Wills
Friday, 26th June 2015, 11:49 am
The sixteen-year-old boy was jogging through Sherwood Forest when the incident took place
The sixteen-year-old boy was jogging through Sherwood Forest when the incident took place

David Kingsland, of Welbeck Square, Sutton, pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words to cause harrassment, alarm or distress to the16-year-old boy at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 25th June.

Outlining the case for prosecution, Donna Pursglove told the court that the teenage complainant had been jogging through Sherwood Forest when the offence took place on Sunday 24th May.

She said: “The boy was forced to stop jogging after he swallowed a fly and began choking at the side of the road. “

“He noticed a car parked nearby and saw that a man was standing outside it. He beckoned the boy over to his car, where he offered him a glass of water, which the boy accepted.”

“They began a conversation and the defendant asked how old the complainant was before telling him that he was a homosexual.”

“Kingsland then asked the boy to perform oral sex on him.”

She added that Kingsland asked two more times before the complainant thanked him for the water and left the scene.

“The boy said he felt upset and intimidated and grabbed a baseball bat as soon as he got home. He was shaking so his mother asked what was wrong and when the boy told her what had happened she called the police immediately.”

Kingsland’s defence solicitor said that he had ‘accepted responsibility’ for the offence and was ‘ashamed and remorseful.’

She added: “Kingsland has no previous convictions and is essentially a man of good character.”

“On the day of the offence his car had broken down and he had become lost in Sherwood Forest.

“He simply offered the boy a glass of water as he thought he had been sick. He said they were chatting and his request just came out of nowhere. He has no idea why he even said it and is incredibly ashamed.”

Magistrates imposed an £80 fine and £85 court costs. Kingsland was also asked to pay £50 in compensation to the victim.