North Anston: House fire was caused by new ‘solar panels’ say residents

A North Anston couple and their young son dramatically escaped a fire as their home went up in flames this morning, according to residents on the street.

By Liam Norcliffe
Thursday, 12th June 2014, 3:19 pm
House fire on Nursery Road in North Anston
House fire on Nursery Road in North Anston

Firefighters were called just after 11am on Thursday morning to a house that was ablaze on Nursery Road.

The whole street watched on in shock as South Yorkshire firefighters - who are currently staging a 24 hour strike - used a crane and hoses to tackle the flames that were coming from solar panels on the roof.

One woman said: “They have only just had those solar panels put on, I would say they have only been on a week.”

Another said: “I have only just noticed them.”

There were four fire engines on the scene and a Police cordon was set up at both ends of the street as traffic was forced to divert around the villiage.

A neighbour said: “I saw the woman run out of the house in her pyjamas with her phone in her hand and her young son who I think is about two-years-old.”

“I have heard the man was upstairs asleep because he works nights.”

Firefighters started a walk-out this morning at 9am in a long running row over pension arrangements but they have been answering to 999 calls.

A man said: “I timed them and it took them 18 minutes to get here.”