North Anston: EE signal stint leads to outrage amongst cut off residents

The 'faulty' mast is located at Woodsetts Road
The 'faulty' mast is located at Woodsetts Road

Outraged residents in North Anston have spoken of the nightmare’ of having no mobile phone signal for months due to a complications with a ‘faulty’ EE mast.

The mast, located on Woodsetts Road, was erected to supply EE customers in the S25 area with mobile phone signal- but is now thought to be inoperative after being ‘vandalised’ in the middle of July.

This has left residents on EE contracts without any signal at all on their mobile phones, putting businesses in jeopardy and cutting off contact between families.

Glenda Green said: “Living and working in North Anston has been a total nightmare since mid July.”

“You need to use your mobile phone to communicate with your family and the rest of the world.”

“I was told from a technician in EE customer services that work has already started to repair the mast- however, my daughter later contacted EE and was told engineers were still deciding if the mast would be re-sited due to complications.”

Elain Ouldred said: “My mobile phone signal is so important as I am self-employed and need to contact customers this way.”

“I have been using my landline, but this has so far put my bill up by £20.”

“I have been told the mast has been vandalised and that the landlord will not allow engineers on the property.”

“These responses are of no concern to me- all I need is to be told when it will be working.”

Linda Wagstaffe said: “I only have a pay as you go for emergencies, but I need my phone to work at all the times as I am a carer for my Mum.”

“None of our mobiles are retaining their charge because they are over working all the time, looking for a signal.”

“People in the area have been complaining to no avail- there are so many stories being told to us all.”

“What a shambles is this so called modern age.”

“How long do we have to wait for service to be resumed, and why are EE lying to us?”

“You could build a house in this time surely,” she added.

Despite repeated attempts by the Guardian to retrieve a response from EE, the company were unavailable for comment.