North Anston: Could you foster Thornberry’s loveable stray pooches?

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in North Anston are desperately searching for a foster home for loveable strays Bambi and Timber.
Bambi and TimberBambi and Timber
Bambi and Timber

The two dogs sadly suffer from a neurological disease called cerebellar atazia which means they will only live to around 7-8 years of age.

Kennel manager, Hannah Briggs, said: “There is no cure and no veterinary fees, but they are very happy, silly dogs.”

“The disease affects co-ordination- and Bambi is worse and she can’t properly coordinate her legs, but is still fine to walk and play.”

“Timber hasn’t yet progressed in his disease. They are only about 1-2 years of age, and are in no pain at all, but the disease is progressive.”

“We are looking to rehome these loveable dogs as soon as possible and hopefully together.”

If you think you can help, call Thornberry on 01909 564399.

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