No excuses '“ Sheffield Steelers have to be better says returning forward

Jonas Westerling has returned to Sheffield Steelers with a no-nonsense "no excuses" message.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 11:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 3:06 am
Jonas Westerling by Hayley Roberts


The Swedish workhorse was not invited back to the House of Steel in the Summer by then-coach Paul Thompson.

Jonas Westerling by Hayley Roberts

But Thompson's successor, Mark Matheson was certain he would make a positive contribution to the cause when he became available

Sadly for Westerling, his season debut home and away games, last weekend, ended in twin defeats.

But the forward believes the team can get it right and was uncompromising in his views on how to achieve that.

"We have to work hard every day. And don't try to find excuses. Because there isn't any excuse' he proclaimed.

"This is a group of guys who have to work hard every day, battle hard and try to win the games.

"There is no magic in this, if you are working hard you get the bounce and...turn it around.

"Don't find and look for excuses - look at yourself in the mirror and go out there and do our job, every practice and every game.

"It will come, I am pretty sure about that."

Westerling acknowledged that "When you have lost a game your confidence is down, of course.

"We haven't scored so many goals...we have missed a lot of chances so confidence is not the best.

"But you have to work on it, no looking for excuses."

Westerling said he was looking forward to playing at Nottingham Panthers on Saturday, which he described as having a "nice building and a good crowd.

"I have good memories from there. We beat them many times last season."

Some positive thinking is welcome as Steelers are desperate to get away from the bottom end of the table.

Panthers have won seven of 10 league games and top the EIHL division.

They beat Steelers 5-2 in the first Challenge Cup game of the season in Nottingham, although Sheffield won the return leg 3-2, Tanner Eberle scoring the winning goal.