Nine unusual items being sold on ebay by people in Derbyshire and Notts

A ticket for the Titanic and a print of the Prime Minister are amongst items being sold on ebay by people in Derbyshire and Nottingham.

You can pretty much buy anything these days, from stuffed animals to shoes for people with odd sized feet.

Here’s some unusual items currently up for auction.

1. A ticket for the Titanic: This is a replica of what a ticket for the Titanic would have looked like. The RMS Titanic White Star Line launch ticket and stub, dated May 1911, is being sold by a seller in Derby.

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2. A zombie garden gnome that glows in the dark: Being sold from Matlock its description says ‘this will have your friendly garden gnomes running for cover.’

3. A David Bowie Labyrinth candle: Bowie memorabilia is in abundance on the site at the moment. You can also buy posters, discs, clocks and personalised candles.

4. A David Cameron print: This photo card of the PM is being sold by a person in Alfreton and is described as ‘great for any fan.’

5. A house: A one bedroom house in Eastwood is on the site at a starting price of £69,000. The auction ends on February 22.

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6. One seller in Ilkeston has two bouncy castles - one Minion and one Frozen - up for sale at a cost of £2,250, including all the equipment.

7. A rare set of eight Robinsons jam band figures: Up for auction by a seller in Belper, the figures include a drummer, double bass player, guitar player and sax player.

8. A cardboard cutout of Channing Tatum, which is being sold for about £14.47. This is being sold by a company in Retford who also offer cutouts of a range of other celebrities including Daniel Craig and Kim Kardashian.

9. One seller in Chesterfield is selling miniature false teeth and a razor set. Rather than being for really small people they are actually for a dolls house.