New legal high legislation comes into force later this month

The new legal high legislation will be coming into force on Thursday, May 26.
Legal highs come in a range of types and packaging.Legal highs come in a range of types and packaging.
Legal highs come in a range of types and packaging.

The Act has already received Royal Assent, meaning the production, supply and importation of these potentially dangerous drugs is now prohibited nationwide.

Under the new legislation anyone caught producing, supplying or importing psychoactive substances is likely to be charged with associated offences.

The new legislation also gives police and other law enforcement agencies greater powers to tackle the reckless trade in psychoactive substances, known as ‘legal highs’, and will see offenders face up to seven years in prison if convicted of associated offences.

Inspector Pat Coates from Lincs Police said: “We’re pleased to now have a date on which the Act will be in place and especially pleased it’s nationwide, so applies to the whole of the county and not just Lincoln.

“We will continue to work with partners such as the City of Lincoln Council and Lincolnshire County Council, and local prison services, to make sure the legislation is implemented properly.

“There is ongoing enforcement in Lincoln city centre in relation to these substances. We continue to try and remove them from our streets and reduce some of the associated problems such as ASB that have gone along with legal highs.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for information from the public. If you know who is selling psychoactive substances or have any suspicions about who might be, whether that’s a shop or an individual, then please let us know as soon as possible via 101. The more we can do to continue to crack down on this problem, the better.”