New charity launched in memory of '˜helpful' dad Harry

A Mansfield woman plans to set up a charity in honour of her generous dad's work around the community.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 12:08 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2016, 1:09 pm
Nancy and Grahame Else who are setting up a charity in her fathers memory

Nancy Else, 68, sadly lost her dad, Harry Jones, aged 97, to dementia and pneumonia in February of this year but has decided to set up a charity, with the help of her husband, Grahame, 71, to keep her father’s spirit alive.

The charity, called Harry’s Helping Hand, intends to help people around the area who are in a dire state, through no fault of their own, get their life back on track.

Nancy said: “It was always his way to help people, he was a very selfless and generous man who would put everyone else before himself.

“I want to set up this charity to carry on his work and passion and to keep my dad’s name alive.”

Harry, who was looked-up to by many in the community, used to help his friends, family and neighbours with anything he could and volunteered for The Guide Dogs charity from 1987-2011.

Nancy said: “If the firemen were on strike, my dad used to take them food.

“Or if a neighbour fell ill he would tend to their allotment and whenever someone asked how they could repay him, he would always tell them to do a good deed for someone else and that would be payment enough.

“He used to be a big fan of the show The Secret Millionaire and would often say to me ‘imagine how many people I could help if I had a million pounds’ which just shows the type of person he was.”

Nancy, a retired accountant added: “We want to help anyone who is struggling to make ends meet.

“If someone has a serious illness and needs a private operation or a parent can’t afford a school uniform because they haven’t been able to work, we want to be able to be there.”

Grahame, a retired warehouse manager, fully supports the charity and is hoping it will be a success.

He said: “Everybody loved Harry, he was a very respected man with a big heart and the charity will see his legacy live on.”

The couple will run the charity alongside trustees and volunteers who knew and loved Harry throught his life,

The first fundraising event is planned for September at Vicar Water, in King’s Clipestone, followed by others throughout the year.

PICTURED (top) Nancy and Grahame Else, and Harry Jones, who died in February.