'˜Naked zombies' running wild in Bassetlaw says MP

The dangers of psychoactive drug mamba turning people into '˜zombies' has been raised in a parliamentary discussion on health by Bassetlaw's MP John Mann.

Mamba is turning people into 'zombies'
Mamba is turning people into 'zombies'

He was calling for psychoactive drug mamba to be made illegal.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, October 16 the Labour party MP said: “Zombies are running wild in our communities.

“Sometimes those zombies are naked, their minds addled by a psychoactive street substance called Mamba.

“When will this House have a vote on making the possession of Mamba illegal?”

Amber Rudd The Secretary of State for the Home Department replied: “I share the honourable gentleman’s concerns about Mamba and the growth of other elements of drugs.

“That is why we have introduced a new drugs strategy, to try to help people exit. It involves making sure that local authorities work closely with police, housing and other stakeholder support areas.

“It is not just about banning, which is important, but about helping people to get off it and to get out and start to live their lives without it.”

Black Mamba is a synthetic cannabis substitute that mimics the effects of marijuana.

It can cause users to hallucinate and suffer from breathing difficulties, vomiting and loss of control over parts of the body.

Although designed to replicate a cannabis high, Black Mamba is much stronger and puts users into a zombie-like state.