My frosty exchange

I WAS incandescent with rage on Saturday when I made the mistake of tottering over to Park Springs to help my sister.

Having spent a good 30 minutes clearing a parking space for her outside her house I made the mistake of nipping inside to warm up.

Within 30 seconds some chav oik had pinched the prime spot. I’m sure he must have watched from afar as I toiled to clear the space.

Well we both almost ended up in Lincs Mags court but after a heated debate I managed to get the fellow to move along quietly.

Next time I will be coning the area off.

And don’t get me started on the stupid idiots who clear their drives only to heap up great mounds of snow on the pavements.

This makes it impossible to get by and it will stay like that for weeks.

It seems the whole town’s got brain freeze.