Mum’s horror after masked clown chases her and baby daughter

Charlotte Thompson, 21 pictured with Daughter Ilythia, one
Charlotte Thompson, 21 pictured with Daughter Ilythia, one

A Dinnington mum has warned residents to be vigilant after an assailant in a clown mask “jumped out” at her and her baby daughter before chasing them down the street.

Charlotte Hyde, who is also 16 weeks pregnant, was heading home with her one-year-old daughter Ilythia through the Triangle Park area at around 9pm on SaturdayT, October 8 when the clown prankster gave chase.

The 21-year-old managed to flee to the safety of a busy road nearby and said she saw the clown running back towards the park.

Charlotte said: “I can’t really describe how frightened I felt when this person in a clown mask just came out of nowhere.

“You can’t really know whether it’s just a joke, or if they’re going to be violent. And the fact I had my daughter with me in a pram and am 16 weeks pregnant makes me all the more vulnerable.

“I’ve heard that there were these types of clown attacks happening across the country, but I thought they were happening in bigger cities- not a small village like Dinnington.

“Luckily, my daughter was asleep and remained sleeping while I ran off with the pram towards the main street where I knew there would be people about.

“I hate to think what could have happened and how traumatised she would have been if she’d seen what happened.”

Charlotte said she was keen to warn other residents about the incident as Halloween approaches.

She added: “I am especially concerned for the vulnerable, like children and the elderly.

“I’ve heard that people in the area are scared to take their children trick or treating, which I find really sad.

“My advice would be to keep an eye open if you’re around the village after dark.”