Mum’s anger as pupils ‘excluded’ from Worksop school for refusing to remove blazers in 30C heat

Outwood Academy Valley is pictured.
Outwood Academy Valley is pictured.

A frustrated mum has hit out at a Worksop school and raised concerns for welfare after teachers “excluded” pupils for taking their blazers off in 30Cº heat.

Lisa Butkeraitis said her daughter, who attends Outwood Academy Valley, came home “lathered in sweat” on Monday, complaining she’d had to keep her blazer on despite blistering temperatures.

The 14-year-old said she’d had an “awful” day and struggled to give a presentation she had planned, but was “too scared to stand up for herself” for fear of “being excluded”.

Ms Butkeraitis said she has “serious concerns” about how the issue could impact on pupils’ learning and health.

She said: “I understand that rules need to be put in place, but this was an exceptional case.

“In this country, we don’t get temperatures above 30Cº very often.

“It’s not right to make children wear a thick blazer in that kind of heat.

“Pupils are not even allowed to take their blazers or ties off when walking home, or they face detention.

“An adult in an office would ask to take a blazer off if they were too hot, and hopefully an employer would agree that work and wellbeing are more important.

“It shouldn’t be any different for children. The motto of the school is ‘students first’, so it’s about time staff adhered to that.”

A spokesperson for Outwood Grange Academies Trust, which runs the school, said: “At all times in the academy students are allowed to remove their blazers in lessons and while sat having lunch.

“During hot weather, they are also allowed to remove their blazers during break time.

“Following a hot weekend, a few students chose actions that they knew would lead to exclusion.

“In all these cases we have met with the student and their family, most of whom have been extremely supportive of the academy’s position.”

Commenting on the issue, Bassetlaw MP John Mann said: “I’ve allowed all my staff to take their ties and jackets off due to the heat.

“I am sure common sense will prevail everywhere while this heatwave continues.”