MP Mann dismisses Brexit threat to his seat

Labour MP John Mann, who is firmly against a so-called People's Vote on Brexit.
Labour MP John Mann, who is firmly against a so-called People's Vote on Brexit.

MP John Mann has dismissed as “meaningless” a poll that suggests he risks losing his Bassetlaw seat if Labour rejects a second referendum on Brexit.

The ICM poll, conducted in 54 Leave-voting Labour constituencies, including Bassetlaw, asked a total of 1,500 voters how they would vote at the next General Election.

It showed that Labour’s lead over the Conservatives would be eight per cent, but only if it supported a second referendum, or so-called People’s Vote.

If it failed to support a People’s Vote and just opposed the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, in line with the party’s current plans, that lead would fall to just two per cent and it would lose 14 of the seats.

However, an unperturbed Mr Mann said: “This is a poll of fewer than 30 voters in Bassetlaw, and such tiny polls are meaningless.

“Lots of people have sent me their views on Brexit, and no-one seems to have changed their mind in terms of how they voted in the referendum.

“My view is that we have already had a people’s vote -- and that was in June 2016.”

Mr Mann is a confirmed Brexiteer, in line with the way Bassetlaw voted at the referendum. A total of 43,392 people opted to leave the EU, with fewer than half that number, 20,575, voting to remain.

However, the ICM poll warns that, even in areas such as Bassetlaw, Labour MPs such as Mr Mann are more likely to be voted out than those who back a second referendum.

Charles Seaford, co-director of Represent Us, the non-party organisation that commissioned the poll, said: “The message to Labour is clear. Voters want a People’s Vote.”