MP John Mann’s 20 questions

Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information.  Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)
Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information. Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)
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HERE are all 20 questions Bassetlaw MP John Mann has launched to hospital chiefs this week, and we want to know what YOU think.

In the statement he demands to know what the future is for hospital services in Bassetlaw, asking for further information on a range of subjects.

He said: “It’s disgraceful that hospital bosses have started a disinformation campaign. I hope they will see sense and start to give some straight answers to concerns about the future of healthcare in Bassetlaw.”

We have put these questions to hospital chiefs and will be publishing their responses in next week’s edition.

Here are the questions - leave your comments online NOW!

1. What are the consequences of the Victoria doctor’s accommodation being sold off? When was this agreed, by whom and why was the public not told?

2. What market testing was carried out into the commercial viability of the workplace nursery, when and by whom?

3. Which are the best comparison hospitals for the proposed reconfiguration of acute services?

4. Why are five out of six midwifery led maternity units cited in the maternity review under threat of closure?

5. How many Bassetlaw births will transfer to Doncaster?

6. Which Bassetlaw consultants are to retire in the next two years and what advance planning has been done on recruiting replacements?

7. What hours will Bassetlaw Accident and Emergency not receive in patient overnight stays?

8. What percentage of Bassetlaw stroke patients do not reach treatment within three hours of the onset of a stroke?

9. Which paediatric Accident and Emergency cases will transfer to Doncaster?

10. Of 100 Bassetlaw stroke patients who would have survived and/or gone home independently in the last seven years, how onset of a stroke; how many were from Worksop; how many were 60 and over years of age; how many were male and how many female?

11. How many Bassetlaw midwives will relocate to Doncaster Royal Infirmary?

12. Which ward will be used for the 15 intermediate care beds lost at Westwood?

13. What assessment has been made of the 9-5 stroke wards in the hub and spoke Manchester model?

14. What assessment has been made of the East Kent telemedicine model for stroke care including emergency thrombolysis?

15. How is the figure of six lives saved by reconfiguring stroke services calculated?

16. How many blue light admissions to Bassetlaw will be automatically routed to Doncaster?

17. Which staff grades will be employed in the Bassetlaw stroke unit?

18. What hours would Bassetlaw ITU be staffed if it becomes part of one integrated ITU?

19. Which secretarial staff of consultants will shift to Doncaster?

20. How many consultants will work out of hours at Bassetlaw Hospital and in which disciplines?