Mountain man Gary is now a special ambassador for marathon event

Gary Bacon has been chosen as ambassador of world's most famous mountain marathon.
Gary Bacon has been chosen as ambassador of world's most famous mountain marathon.

A scout leader from Swallownest has been chosen as an official ambassador for the world’s most famous mountain marathon.

Gary Bacon, an explorer scout leader and Duke of Edinburg’s Award expedition supervisor and assessor in Rotherham, in one of four people chosen to ambassadors for the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) which is a two-day mountain race which is run at the end of October, usually in inhospitable conditions and terrain.

This is the first year organisers have decided to appoint race ambassadors and Gary is honoured to have been chosen for the role.

He said: “I see the role of ambassador as being to spread the word about mountain marathons and encourage the next generation of mountain runners to take part.

“As a Duke of Edinburgh’s supervisor and assessor, I see lots of young people who upon completing the trip are looking for their next challenge and it would be great to see more of them taking part in the many mountain marathons that are held in the UK, not just the OMM.”

The OMM is known as the forerunner to all adventure races.

First run in 1968 to test a competitor’s capabilities in the remote fells of the UK at the end of October, the event is now in its 49th year and retains its reputation as the iconic UK mountain race.

Over two days, teams of two use their abilities to find a series of checkpoints spread across 400sqkm of the UK mountains.

Teams are self-reliant and must carry a tent, sleeping system and supplies for the remote overnight campsite at the end of day

A fixture on this event for the past 20 years Gary has competed with five different partners including his eldest son, whom he has also competed against.

His desire to get others involved means that there are four other Rotherham explorer scout leaders who have now completed a mountain marathon.

Amongst Gary’s roles as an ambassador is to write a regular blog about the preparation that he is doing for this year’s event and spread the word about mountain marathons.

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