More than 50% of people are happy living alone

Millions of Brits are now happy to live a solitary existence, according to new research.

Nine in 10 UK adults are content to be in their own company with 59 per cent “comfortable” with living alone.

Half would be happy to buy a house just for themselves and four in 10 have no qualms holidaying abroad solo.

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Popping to the pub without anyone else isn’t a problem for 40 per cent of people, while a third will happily go out for a meal on their own.

Of those polled, two-thirds said it was more acceptable to travel alone now than it was a decade ago.

Michael Edwards, UK managing director of Intrepid Travel, which commissioned the survey of 2,000 people to mark the launch of a range of group trips for single travellers, said: “There are all kinds of reasons why someone has the urge to travel but no one to do it with.

“Travelling alone on a group tour is a great way to see the world, you have an expert guide to help you avoid the tourist traps, plus ready made friends for a karaoke session, a street food tour or just a chat over the breakfast table.

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“Some people can be apprehensive about going on their own but it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends for life.”

A third said they have been on holiday alone and three in five aren’t fazed by flying solo and around half are content to navigate a busy airport unaccompanied.

Michael Edwards added: “We are seeing a huge increase in solo travellers who want to explore the world with us.

“With more than half of our travellers going solo, we wanted to celebrate their independent spirit by creating three solo-only trips to Morocco, Colombia and India.

“Travelling alone can be confusing and complicated - group tours have all the flexibility and freedom of solo travel, but without the risks.”

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