More Notts computer scams

WORKSOP web-surfers and residents are being warned to remain careful and vigilant as Notts Police report more computer and phone scams that are sweeping the county.

Last week, The Guardian reported that many residents in and around Worksop had been struck by cold-calling con-men claiming to be from Microsoft.

Police have also received a number of calls where members of the public receive an online pop-up message claiming to be from Strathclyde Police or the Metropolitan Police.

The message states that the individual’s computer has been locked by police, and that they will need to call a given number or pay a fine online for viewing inappropriate or illegal content online. The computer screen locks in most cases.

Meanwhile, another reported scam in the county has seen a man pay £260 to secure a £1,500 loan after receiving an unsolicited telephone call from a company who knew he had been researching loans on the internet.

He never received the loan, and was verbally abused when he rang the company to enquire about it.

“There is a real warning here about internet security,” said Samantha Hancock from Notts Police’s Pre-Crime Unit.

“We all know that when we go online our security is compromised to a certain degree, but you should always exercise caution if you receive a cold call from someone who appears to know exactly what you have been searching for.”

She added: “It is also highly unusual for companies to request payment in this way. Certainly, in the case of the loan, we know that this has proven to be a fraud.”

If anyone has any info about a similar incident, you can call Notts Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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