More heartbreak for Youtube star

Byron Way, Worksop.'Kelly Summers aka Sunny Daye.  Froglet diaries follow up.'Picture: Kelly Summers.
Byron Way, Worksop.'Kelly Summers aka Sunny Daye. Froglet diaries follow up.'Picture: Kelly Summers.

A WORKSOP woman who found healing through heartbreak, won back her man and gained a global following from her online video diaries has posted her latest video – announcing their split for good.

Kelly Summers, 53, also known as singer Sunny Daye, got back together with musician lover Keith Tallis in August for a fresh start after he saw her emotional videos – dubbed the Froglet Diaries.

But just last week 55-year-old Keith, who nicknamed himself the ‘Frog Prince’ and Kelly ‘Froglet’, suddenly ended the relationship and returned to his ex-partner at his Birmingham home.

Kelly said she is devastated about the painful split but determined to move forward alone, helped by the overwhelming support she has gained from people across the world, from Australia to Aruba.

“I don’t regret having him back. I knew the odds of what I was getting myself into and I just had to give him that chance.,” she said.

“I am finding it very difficult still, but have had so many amazing messages from people across the world who’ve found inspiration from the Froglet Diaries.”

Kelly’s online Youtube videos attracted tens of thousands of hits as she poured out her feelings about their initial split back in July.

Keith, who met Kelly through a mutual friend, saw the videos and travelled to Worksop to ask her back on his birthday on 10th August.

But just last week he left her again to return to his ex-partner after Kelly said he became increasingly more distant, secretive and argumentative.

Kelly said she was never looking for fame by doing the Froglet Diaries, but for an outlet for her grief after over a decade of heartache after losing four children and, more recently, her mother.

“It wasn’t just about Keith or trying to get him back, everything was raining down on me and I had to get it all out,” she said.

“I still have one daughter and grand-daughter but never really dealt with losing my children or being alone for 12 years.”

She added: “If anything, I have to thank Keith for freeing me from all those years of exile. It’s his loss.”

“I have already dealt with so much and will move forward to inspire myself.”

The Guardian contacted Keith but he declined to comment.