MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Yorkshire’s richest people revealed

The men who built Meadowhall top the latest Yorkshire Rich List
The men who built Meadowhall top the latest Yorkshire Rich List
  • Meadowhall moguls are the richest in the county
  • Healey brothers now in 48th place on the Sunday Times Rich List
  • UKIP donor Paul Sykes also in Yorkshire’s top 20

The men who built Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre have topped the Yorkshire rich list 2015.

Brothers Eddie and Malcolm Healey are the richest people in Yorkshire with a combined wealth of £1.5 billion, which places them 48th overall in the standings of the 1,000 richest people in Britain, according to The Sunday Times.


Lord Kirkham is in second place in Yorkshire, based on success with furniture retail chain DFS, with an overall wealth of £1.15 billion. Kirkham also has an 18.1 per cent stake in frozen food chain Iceland, which posted £202m profits in 2013-14.

RICH LIST FACTFILE: How Meadowhall moguls Eddie and Malcolm Healey became the wealthiest people in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire top 20 also includes Paul Sykes, who has pumped £1.3 million into Nigel Farage’s UKIP party this year, has enjoyed a £40 million increase to his wealth to £690 million. Mr Sykes also helped develop Meadowhall with Eddie Healey, cashing in on a share of its sale for £1.2 billion in 1999.

RICH LIST: Things you could buy if you had £1.5 billion fortune of wealthiest people in Yorkshire

Other notable names include Robert Miller, the man behind the Duty Free Shoppers chain seen in airports the world over, and Morrisons supermarket owner Sir Ken Morrison.

Mr Morrison has been hit by the decline of big supermarket sales, losing £167 million of his wealth compared to 2014.

The Yorkshire Rich List also includes two people with the same name inside its top 20: Malcolm Walker, the boss of the Iceland frozen food business, ranks 17th with a fortune of £215m, while Malcolm Walker and his family rank equal 19th with their fortune of £200m for owning Victoria Plumb, the bathroom supplier.

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