Misterton: Victoria Institute to be sold

After years of campaigning to try and save it the decision to sell the Victoria Institute in Misterton has been made.

Thursday, 12th September 2013, 10:33 am
Victoria Institute

Following a meeting held on Saturday 7th September it was voted to sell the hall, which was first opened in June 1897 to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.

It was last used in 2002 as a snooker club and has since been left to go derelict.

Misterton Parish Council, in agreement with the Charity Commission, formed the Misterton Community Trust (MCT) and took over responsibility for the building in 2006.

A public consultation then followed and it found that Misterton should have less buildings for public use.

The MCT took advice from Bassetlaw Council and Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire, which said they should dispose of the Victoria Institute and the village hall and concentrate on improving and increasing the use of other public buildings.

When it was first proposed that the building be sold, a group of residents objected and it was agreed that the insurance would be paid for a year while another use for the building was found but nothing was sourced.

Coun Hazel Brand said: “It’s always a sad day when the decision is made that a long-standing part of the streetscape should go.”

“However, when renovation is likely to run into tens of thousands of pounds, and there is no identified use for the building even if refurbished, then I believe it is right that the Misterton Community Trust should look to furthering its charitable objects elsewhere and not throw more money propping up a derelict and redundant building.”

“I congratulate the bravery of those who voted for sale of the building, first the trustees in their unanimous decision to sell then those who attended the meeting on Saturday.”

The chair of Misterton Community Trust said: “We couldn’t keep the Victoria Institute.”

“From our perspective it is too far gone and far too expensive for the trust to really do anything.”

“People were resolved that the situation couldn’t be left as it was.”

“At the meeting the majority of people opted to sell it.”

“Now we have to try and sell it which is something that is quite hard to do.”

“It is in poor condition. The building is continuing to deteriorate.”

“We have got to move on to the next phase and use the funds to support charitable work in the town.”

“We are trying to move the trust forward to do something more positive.”