Mining memories: ‘Bassetlaw has fought back since pit closures’ says MP John Mann

Bassetlaw Games awards night.  Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7p)
Bassetlaw Games awards night. Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7p)

Bringing jobs to Bassetlaw must remain a top priority, the district’s MP has said.

John Mann MP spoke 20 years to the week since Manton pit closed, stripping 550 miners and many more ancillary workers of their livelihoods.

“Initially there was huge upheaval with unemployment and drugs taking hold,” said Mr Mann.

He said he never believed the area would be destroyed by the loss of the mining industry.

“It was a huge upheaval to suddenly have so many people lose their jobs. It took a huge amount of money and stability out of the local economy.”

“But the question was how long it would take to recover.”

“Bassetlaw has fought back and people are back in work. That shows a resilient community. We just need to make sure that people remain in work.”

Mr Mann said industrial changes in the Worksop area were still ongoing when he took the Bassetlaw parliamentary seat in 2001, with the community ‘being pulled in all sorts of directions’.

He added: “Jobs are vital to the stability of a community. It means people have a proper meaning to their life and also an income.”

“And there has been a time lag in all of this. We are still being hit by a bias in the economy after what happened back then.”

“I’m still concerned about job losses in our area and will continue to fight to bring in new investment. It is my number one priority for Bassetlaw.”