Mi Amigo 75th anniversary flypast over Sheffield's Endcliffe Park - PHOTO GALLERY

It was the emotional moment that brought Sheffield to a standstill - a memorial flypast to mark the loss of US bomber Mi Amigo in Endcliffe Park in Sheffield 75 years ago today.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 22nd February 2019, 1:05 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 2:12 pm
Tony Foulds looked on in awe as the flypast came over Sheffield.
Tony Foulds looked on in awe as the flypast came over Sheffield.

Thousands watched across South Yorkshire and on television as aircraft roared through the skies this morning - with pensioner Tony Foulds who witnessed the 1944 crash and has tended to a memorial to the ten lost crew ever since, taking centre stage. (Photos: PA/SWNS/Chris Etchells).

People watched the flypast from across Sheffield
Several US and British aircraft took to the skies for the flypast.
Tony Foulds watches as the aircraft roar over.
Tony Foulds sheds a tear - 75 years to the day he watched the US bomber Mi Amigo crash in Endcliffe Park.
The flypast took place at exactly 8.45am.
The flypast was a fitting tribute to the ten who died aboard Mi Amigo
The 'missing man' formation was one of the highlights of the flypast.
The crew of the the Mi Amigo, which was lost in 1944.
Military personnel across the country remembered the crew of the Mi Amigo.
The crash site in Endcliffe Park in 1944.
The crew died when the Mi Amigo crashed into trees after avoiding a group of children in the park.
Tending to the grave of one of the ten crew who died in the Mi Amigo.
The flypast also flew over the war graves of the Mi Amigo crew.
The event attracted serving personnel from across the country.
Tony Foulds was the guest of honour for a special edition of BBC Breakfast.
Harry Estabrooks was one of the ten crew of the Mi Amigo who died in Endcliffe Park.
Wreaths were left at the Mi Amigo memorial this morning.
Huge crowds in Endcliffe Park watched the flypast on a big screen.
Tony Foulds with BBC Breakfast host Steph McGovern.
One young visitor to the park pays tribute.
Across the nation, people remembered the events of 75 years ago.
A poem by Jim Howarth was left at the memorial in Endcliffe Park.
The moving ceremony was watched by millions on TV.
The grave of Harry Estabrooks was given a clean for this morning's ceremony.
Tony Foulds with BBC Breakfast hosts Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern
BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker led the campaign for the flypast.
The Mi Amigo memorial in Endcliffe Park.
An emotional Tony raises his arms as the flypast heads over.
Tony witnessed the crash in 1944 and has tended to the memorial ever since.
All over the city people stopped to watch - this was the scene in Meersbrook Park.
The ten who died in Endcliffe Park.
Tony Foulds was a young child when he saw the plane crash in Endcliffe Park in 1944.
Tony refers to the ten air crew as 'his friends.'
An evocative shot of the scenes in Endcliffe Park.
There was time for a drink and a chat while waiting for the flypast.
One cadet is momentarily distracted at Endcliffe Park.
Thousands packed into the park.
Some park visitors made sure they remembered the moment.
Thousands packed into the park from early morning.
Families of all ages came out to pay tribute.
A US airman in Endcliffe Park.
The fallen ten were remembered in many different ways.
The flypast was a joint UK/US effort.
All eyes were on the skies during the flypast.
Phones and cameras captured the flypast.
The flypast was watched by thousands.
As soon as the flypast was over, Tony went to spend time with 'his friends'
Many compared the event to a music festival.
There were moments of humour in among the tributes.
Some people grabbed prime spots for the flypast.
The poem in tribute to the crew of the Mi Amigo.
Huge crowds flocked to the park.
People of all ages came from across the UK to attend the flypast.
All over the city, people stopped at 8.45am to watch the planes fly over.
Some made sure they had good seats.
Cameras and phones captured the flypast.
The names of the ten men lost in the Mi Amigo crash.
People made sure they got a good view of proceedings.
The events were relayed on a big screen.
The emotional flypast was watched across the country.