Medicine mix-ups and staff shortages lead to care home’s damning report

Langwith Lodge Residential Home, Nether Langwith
Langwith Lodge Residential Home, Nether Langwith

Staff shortages and mix-ups which could have put residents’ health at risk have led to a care home being ordered to improve.

Langwith Lodge received a damning report by health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, when its inspectors visited the home unannounced in November.

Their newly published report says the home required improvement in all five key areas.

This includes safety, effectiveness, and whether it is caring, responsive and well led.

They found it to be inconsistent in each area.

Relatives of residents and staff themselves said they felt more workers were needed at busier times of the day.

In terms of the medication, the report highlighted a number of issues, including an incident in which out-of-date eye drops were administered to one resident no fewer than 13 times.

There was also no protocols to administer “as needed” medicines and the dosages to be given out.

The report reads: “We saw one person had mistakenly received their medicine four times a day for a week because the staff had not ensured the medicine should only be given “as needed”.

“A staff member did eventually identify this error and sought advice from the person’s GP.

“However, the lack of information for staff when administering these types of medicines could increase the risk of them receiving them in an inconsistent way, placing their health at risk.”

It was found no auditing process was in place for the inspectors to assess, and key areas that could affect residents’ health were not regularly monitored.

It is understood the manager of the home has since left.

Anna Theanne for Your Health, which runs the home, said: “Langwith Lodge has always, until its most recent inspection, found to be meeting regulations required by CQC.

“Following the inspection, some areas of concern were highlighted which the company acted upon immediately resulting in a change of management at the home.

“Your Health currently has a senior team of experienced professionals working closely with the care team, to ensure all areas identified as requiring improvement in the CQC report are being addressed to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

“Your Health remains committed to working with the residents and their relatives to return the home to providing only the very highest standards of care expected of a modern day, forward-thinking care home setting.”