Meals at Home drivers go extra mile during frosty weather

Delivery drivers for Notts County Council’s Meals at Home service are going the extra mile to deliver meals to older and vulnerable people in the county during the freezing conditions.

Friday, 18th January 2013, 11:26 am

So far there has been no major disruption to the service this week although there have been a few slight delays with some of the deliveries where road conditions have been challenging due to the weather.

Extra council staff are on standby over the next few days to make sure deliveries can be carried out with the extra snow expected and 4 x 4 vehicles are available if required.

The number of meals delivered so far this week is 4,308 and the service has had 86 new customers this month.

There have been 34 delivery routes going out each day this week and there will be 11 runs each day on Saturday and Sunday.

Councillor Kevin Rostance, chairman of the adult social care and health committee, said: “Our Meals at Home delivery drivers are doing an excellent job making sure that our customers receive their meals during this cold spell, which has been particularly challenging given the icy roads and pavements that they have to tackle in the county.”

“Many of our customers are housebound during snowy or icy weather so our delivery service is even more crucial at this time.”

People who could benefit from a delivered meal through the Meals at Home Service should contact the Council on 01623 490015.