Market trader claims he was unfairly treated

A FORMER Worksop marker trader claims he has been unfairly ‘hounded’ off his pitch by Bassetlaw Council.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th April 2012, 5:56 pm

David Bale took over his fathers catering van at the market in 1976, and traded five days a week across Worksop and Retford.

In February last year he received a letter from the council saying he was being removed from the market for using ‘offensive language’.

“They have had it in for me for a long time,” said Mr Bale. “If I was swearing it would have been in a private conversation and certainly not to a customer.”

Mr Bale then obtained a pedlars licence from the police, which allows him trade as long as he keeps moving. But again he says the council have unfairly tried to move him on.

“I had my licence and a council officer came down and told me I couldn’t trade,” he said.

“They said I wasn’t welcome on their markets. I know I’m not going to get back on the market. I know I’ve lost my living. But I want people to know the way the council treats people.”

A council spokesman said: “Following a number of complaints from members of the public and other market traders about Mr Bale’s conduct and behaviour on the market including a complaint about the use of racist and abusive language, Bassetlaw Council withdrew Mr Bale’s licence to trade on Worksop and Retford Markets in February 2011.”

“This was done in consultation with the National Market Trader’s Federation. Bassetlaw Council will not tolerate the use of racist and abusive language on any of our markets.”

“Mr Bale had an application to trade on Bridge Street rejected by the Council’s licensing committee in March 2009. We have since received complaints and reports that Mr Bale was selling burgers and hot dogs from a Mobile trailer on Bridge Street.”

“We are aware that Mr Bale holds a Pedlar’s Certificate which allows a person to trade as they travel from place to place. However someone trading in a street for a period of time, some of which is spent in a stationary position selling goods, is not trading as a pedlar.”

“To do so on a Market Day constitutes an offence under section 10, schedule 4 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.”

Mr Bale denies using racist language.