Manton: Car stolen after man is victim of fake buyer con trick

A woman is warning anyone selling a car locally to be on the lookout for a con man after her dad’s car was stolen by someone pretending to be interested in buying it.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 30th April 2014, 2:39 pm
This car (reg X558 WJR) was stolen in Manton
This car (reg X558 WJR) was stolen in Manton

Rosie Sanderson, of Manton, said her dad had advertised his car for sale and was contacted by a man who said he was from Shirebrook.

“He said he was working in Worksop for a roof repair company and that he had seen dad’s car for sale and was interested in it,” said Miss Sanderson.

“He was very chatty and made my dad feel at ease and had no reason not to trust him.”

The man managed to convince Miss Sanderson’s dad to let him drive off in the car, without paying for it and it was then that the con plan went into action.

“The man came back around 15 minutes later without the car and said that he had been pulled by the police because the car didn’t have a current MOT certificate or tax disc,” continued Miss Sanderson.

“He went to say that the police had confiscated the car.”

“However, went off again, telling my dad not to worry as he would be back in 20 minutes. But he never came back.”

“When my dad rang the police they said they hadn’t pulled a car matching the description he gave.”

“He has since been to the police who said they cannot do anything unless it turns up.”

“My dad is pretty embarrassed and upset that he has been taken in by this con man and I want to warn anyone else to be alert and watch out for these people in the future.”

The car in question is a silver Volkswagen Polo (reg X558 WJR) and the theft occurred around 11am on Thursday, 24th April in Pelham Street in Manton .

Anyone with any information should contact the police.