Mansfield Woodhouse mum lashed out at cop following pub binge

Mansfield Magistrates Court.Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.
A Mansfield Woodhouse mum lashed out at a police officer when she returned from a pub binge in the early hours of the morning, a court heard.

Police were called to Naomi Osborne’s home on Sycamore Road, at 4am, on February 12, when she began drunkenly rowing with her husband, and one of her children raised the alarm.

“Police had concerns about the other children and she was asked to leave,” said Kate Beardmore, prosecuting.

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“She said - “This is a f****** joke, I’m not going anywhere.” She began swinging her arms and connected with the officer’s chin.”

She continued being abusive as she was taken to the police station and put into a cell.

Michael Little, mitigating, said Osborne had suffered domestic violence from her husband who was “controlling and manipulative”, and had been asked to leave the address on “numerous occasions.”

Osborne, who has six children aged from five to 18, had sought help from Sure Start and Women’s Aid to leave the relationship and find somewhere else to live, he said.

Social services were now involved, the court heard.

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“She isn’t allowed out ordinarily,” said Mr Little. “She is only allowed to go out for a drink with her mum. When she came home they started arguing.

“Because she was in drink she didn’t want to leave the children.”

Osborne, 36, admitted assaulting a constable when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Thursday.

District judge Andrew Meachin told her that police officers “don’t deserve to be assaulted.”

He commended her for seeking help but warned that she risked losing her children.

He ordered her to pay £75 compensation to the officer and £85 costs.

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