Mansfield Woodhouse couple who landed £41million jackpot reportedly split

Happier times: Euro Millions winners Catherine and Gareth Bull
Happier times: Euro Millions winners Catherine and Gareth Bull

A Mansfield Woodhouse couple who landed a £40.6million jackpot have reportedly split-up.

Self-employed builder Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine landed a jaw-dropping £40,627,241, the UK’s seventh biggest ever Lottery win, in 2012.

But Gareth has separated from wife Catherine and moved out of the family home, according to The Sun.

He is now reportedly in a three-bedroom cottage 1.5 miles from the family home where Catherine still lives with their two teenage boys.

The Sun reported yesterday that Catherine celebrated her 40th in January without him and was recently snapped on a girlie night out without her wedding ring.

The pair, the latest in a string of couples to split after hitting the jackpot, are also no longer Facebook friends.

Gareth told The Sun: “I’m between both homes at the minute.”

Ex-health worker Catherine told a reporter for the tabloid: “Nothing to say.”

But a source told The Sun: “The marriage has been doomed for some time.

“To be fair, it wasn’t the greatest when they hit the jackpot. They felt the massive win may help improve matters.

“But the curse of the Lottery has struck yet again.”

The couple joked they were the most “boring multimillionaires” when they won.

She said she wanted a new carpet for the six-bedroom home he had just built and have her hair done twice a year.

The couple scooped just under £41million in 2012 lotto jackpot win

Gareth is said to have splurged out on a Manchester United hospitality box and another at Wembley.

They also bought a holiday villa in Tenerife.

She gave up her job and he wound down his building company.