Mansfield mum threatened to slit woman's throat after waking up in hospital from OD

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A mum-of-three threatened to cut a woman's throat after she was resuscitated at King's Mill Hospital following a drink and drug overdose, a court heard.

Sally Anne Murphy told staff: “I will cut her throat from ear to ear. I don’t care if she has a baby.”

When a police officer searched her, and found she had no knife, Murphy said: “I will kill her. Trust me - I will stab her. I will get her.”

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Prosecutor Robert Carr said the person Murphy threatened had not actually been contacted by her.

Probation officer Raqia Bano said Murphy was upset at the break-up of a relationship, and had threatened the woman her ex-partner had begun seeing.

“She has shown genuine remorse and empathy and is apologetic for her actions,” Ms Bano said.

Chris Perry, mitigating, said Murphy, who had no previous convictions, was unconscious and receiving CPR from an ambulance crew 90 minutes earlier, following an overdose of alcohol and prescribed drugs.

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The court heard she consumed a bottle of Bacardi, eight cans of lager, and 30 pills.

“She woke up in hospital having effectively been brought back to life,” he added.

“She has no intention to harm this woman but is clearly very angry.

“She wasn’t directing the threats at the victim. It was via a third party.

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“She woke up in the trauma unit. She had no knife in her bag. She convinced the officer that what she said was true.”

Murphy, 38, of Harrop White Road, Mansfield, admitted making threats to kill when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

Magistrates gave her a two year community order, with 40 rehabilitation activity days.

Murphy was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £85 government surcharge.