Mansfield man made “trolley dash” from Tesco after gambling away Christmas cash

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A Mansfield man who blew his Christmas money at the bookies tried to take a trolley packed with food and toys from Tesco without paying, a court heard.

Sean Kelly’s family waited in his car as he was detained outside the store, at the Oak Tree Centre, with a trolley containing £552 of goods, on December 19.

Kelly, 29, of Verney Street, New Houghton, admitted theft when he appeared before magistrates in Mansfield, on Thursday.

He was last in court on September 2017 in connection with a community order, following an assault in November 2016, and last appeared for shoplifting in May 2016.

He owes the court £606 in outstanding fines.

Emma Cornell, mitigating, said: “He had gone out with friends a week before and they had gone into a bookies. He doesn’t normally gamble.”

At first he won, but lost everything with a second gamble, she said.

“He had unfortunately gambled their money for Christmas” said Ms Cornell. “He was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell his partner.

“He didn’t want to disappoint his family.”

The court heard Kelly is the main carer for his partner, who receives disability allowance, and his two-year-old child has serious health problems.

District judge Andrew Meachin described the crime as “a trolley dash that didn’t go very far.”

He told Kelly: “I appreciate you have difficult family circumstances. Unfortunately, that excuse will not wash in the future and you will go to prison.”

Kelly’s current community order was revoked, and a new 12 month order was imposed with 20 days of a rehabilitation activity “to deal with a variety of issues which appear to cause his offending.”

He was fined £40 and was ordered to pay £85 court costs and an £85 government surcharge.