Man’s death was natural causes

An inquest at Rotherham Coroner’s Court has concluded that a Thurcroft man found dead at a flat in the town last March died of natural causes.

Saturday, 17th August 2013, 10:00 am
Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.

Shaun Heft, 45, was found dead on the evening of March 20th last year at the flat of his friend Peter Parry.

Mr Heft had a history of chronic alcoholism, as well as suffering from anxiety and depression. He had also been in prison where he had been diagnosed with hypertension.

His mother, Linda Heft, said in statement read out in court that her son suffered from angina and was on a lot of medication.

“He was hit by a car and suffered a fractutred skull when he was 21 and was never the same afterwards.”

“When he was released from prison in 2012, he went to see the council who said he needed a carer and he wanted his brother to do the job, but he couldn’t due to an exclusion order.”

“The last time I saw him, he had come to my house and when he left he had said to me he was sorry and that he loved me.”

In his statement, which was also read out in court, Mr Parry said on the evening of March 19th, he and Mr Heft had watched televsion and Mrs Heft had had two fits and was sick.

Mr Parry said when he left the flat next morning and when he returned at lunchtime, Mr Heft was still in bed.

Mr Parry said he then went out drinking and when a friend, who he referred to as Gunner Evans, returned to the flat at 7pm, they found Mr Heft still in bed and Mr Parry recalled that he ‘looked dead’.

Mr Evans called the police who attended the scene with paramdeics and pronounced Mr Heft dead an hour later.

In another statement read out in court, the pathologist who examined Mr Heft’s body found a fatty liver and and old cerebral infraction on his brain.

The pathologist concluded that both were likely to be have been equal primary causes of his death.

Summing up, Assistant Coroner Mr Curtis said: “Mr Heft was always at risk of a sudden and unexpected death through his behaviour, the way he lived his lfe and his problems.”

He recorded a verdict- of death by natural causes.