Mann of the People: Can you help Harry find some old comrades?

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Last week the son of a local D-Day veteran got in touch with my office.

Harry Knowles grew up in the Bassetlaw area before joining the Royal Navy and fighting against the Nazis – including during the Normandy landings.

Mr Knowles now lives in Rochdale but is keen to reconnect with former military comrades from the local area.

If you remember Harry Knowles, or know someone who might do from that time, please ask them to contact me on 01909 506200 or

On a related note, if you are a veteran living in Bassetlaw or know anyone who is, please contact me to receive an invitation to the annual Veterans Event.

One of the top issues I am contacted about by local people is animal welfare and I have written to many people about the work I have done with WWF and other groups to protect wildlife here in the UK and abroad.

It often feels like an impossible battle, but there has been some good recent news.

Approximately 33,000 elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory.

And as a consequence of this barbaric act, there are now only around 425,000 African elephants left in the wild.

Ivory objects are still sold in the UK thanks to a loophole which allows ivory dealers to claim the items are antique without the need to prove that they actually are.

The Government has now announced that this loophole, which has allowed ivory dealers to pass off new ivory products as antiques, will finally be closed which will go some way to ensuring that far fewer elephants are killed by poachers.

This past week the Bank of England has published its quarterly report on the health and performance of the British economy.

Its report makes clear that the vote to leave the European Union should not be seen as an opportunity to get rid of the vital regulation of the financial system that was introduced following the collapse of the UK banking sector.

The new rules and regulations have played a vital part in ensuring that our banking and financial industries are effectively managed and have also provided the Bank of England with the tools necessary to act quickly and powerfully in a crisis.

As a member of the Treasury Select Committee in Parliament I will be using my position to fight to ensure that our financial system remains well regulated and oppose any attempts to weaken these much-needed rules.