Man ‘swung his privates’ in police cell

A WORKSOP man who urinated and smeared faeces in his prison cell is to appear again before magistrates.

Jamie Morris, 23, from Westway, also swore and spat at officers.

He was arrested when police were called to an address at Harewood Court, in Bircotes, on the evening of Friday 25th February due to complaints made over excess noise.

After being placed in custody, Morris removed his clothing and “swung round his privates,” the prosecution told Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard he had drank around eight bottles of lager prior to being arrested. Morris admitted to the offences. David Verity, defending, said: “His actions at the police station were unpleasant, he is ashamed of what happened.”

He was released on conditional bail until returning to the court on the morning of 11th March.