Man jailed for affray incidents

In Court
In Court

A MAN who admitted affray following an incident in which his friend was killed with an ice pick has been jailed for 13 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Stuart Kemp, 26, of no fixed address, also admitted a second affray in Gainsborough just three weeks earlier on 16th July 2011.

The court heard how Kemp had turned up at a flat in Wainfleet Road, Skegness, where his friend Peter Schruyers was planning to meet love rival Jamie Rawson.

A previous hearing was told that Mr Schruyers was looking for a confrontation with Rawson following a series of angry phone calls between them.

In an incident that followed Rawson killed Mr Schruyers by striking him a blow to the skull with the ice pick.

Kemp admitted affray arising out of the incident in August last year on the basis that by his presence that he did not know of the background to why Mr Schruyers was going to the flat and that he was not involved in any actual violence himself.

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, said the Gainsborough incident had happened near Queen Street and Dickinson Terrace when a disabled man and his friend were confronted by Kemp and others.

The court heard Kemp had already spent 10 months in custody on remand after being arrested following the Skegness incident.

Judge Michael Heath said it was clear Kemp had used his time in custody well, completing a number of courses to help improve his life.

The judge said: “I hope you are able to get your life in order and live a law abiding and industrious life in the future.”

Kemp was released from custody after his sentence, due to time already spent on remand.

Jamie Rawson, 22, of no fixed address, will be sentenced next month after admitting the manslaughter of Mr Schruyers.