Make sure children are playing safely

Inspector Phil Davies, Worksop Police Station G131101-1b
Inspector Phil Davies, Worksop Police Station G131101-1b

How are your kids doing right about now?

We’re getting to that time of year when they’re beginning to get a bit twitchy.

Some families will have planned trips to far off places or more accessible destinations across the British Isles.

That takes care of a couple of weeks, but what about the rest of the vacation time?

With the World Cup still on I imagine street football is popular at the moment.

At risk of sounding like a killjoy, be aware of the impact ball games can have on your neighbours.

Make sure your children are staying clear of busy roads and are clued up on road safety.

Also remind them to be careful around neighbours’ cars and windows, but at the same time please be tolerant to children playing in your street and when driving, take extra care in residential areas for rogue footballs followed by a child.

Don’t forget to stay safe around water.

No matter how enticing it may look, there are hidden depths and currents that can overcome even the most experienced swimmer.

Contact the local authority for a list of activities available to keep your youngsters occupied over the holidays.

Finally, in case you hadn’t noticed, welcome back to Ryan Bowskill who has completed his training and is now a fully fledged Response PC in the town.

As a PCSO he served us all well so we are thrilled to have him back on the patch.