Major extension at hospital

Operating theatre at Victoria Hospital
Operating theatre at Victoria Hospital

This week’s archive corner picture shows the operating theatre at Victoria Hospital in the 1910s.

There was an official opening in 1912 of a new men’s ward and a new children’s ward.

The Duchess of Portland was given the honour of opening the new men’s ward and Sir John Robertson of Worksop Manor, opened the children’s wing.

These invaluable institutions will materially enhance its usefullness and will petuate not only the coming to the throne of Queen Victoria’s grandson, but also the memory of a lady whose kind heartedness was proverbial.

A new mortuary has been erected on the north side, and out of sight of the hospital.

Accommodation is provided for two slabs and to facilitate post mortem examinations.

The Lady Robinson Memorial Wing is on the south side of the hospital.

The whole place is lighted by electricity and hot and cold water is installed throughout.

Victoria Hospital was first opened in 1900 and was named to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne.

It was staffed by a house surgeon, two honorary surgeons, a matron and three probationer nurses.

There were 59 patients and during the first year. The income was £487 12s 6d, and the expenditure £505 4s 3d.

Thirty years later, 812 patients were treated, the income was £7,326 and expenditure £6,751

Over the years a worker’s contributory scheme helped raise £4,300 for the hospital while the ‘Gloops Club’ donated a cot to the children’s wing.

It became part of the NHS in 1948 and was demolished in 1996.