Look to sun for energy supply

A NURSERY school is leading the way with a solar-powered project thought to be the first of its kind in Gainsborough.

There’s something a bit different about Gainsborough Nursery School on North Marsh Road.

And that difference is 54 solar panels fixed to the roof.

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It’s all part of a project to save money on electricity while helping the environment and teaching the children about sustainable energy.

To give them their full name, the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have been installed under Lincolnshire County Council’s sustainability initiative at a cost of £30,000.

Headteacher Jo Noble said a creating sustainable energy source for the school was the main reason for the decision.

“The panels mean that not only is future electricity free, but any excess is sold back to the National Grid providing an income stream for the school,” she said.

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Electricity produced by the 13.5 kw system is clean and silent because the panels use no fuel other than daylight.

PV systems do not release any harmful air or water pollution to the environment.

Neither do they deplete natural resources or endanger human or animal health.

Teacher Laura Harty said the solar panels had also helped the children’s learning.

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“This half term we have been looking at change and growth. They have explored the different conditions needed for living things to grow and we have been teaching about the importance of sunlight,” she said.

“The introduction of our new solar panels will provide excellent opportunities for us to develop their knowledge and understanding of the environment and the natural world around them.”

Gainsborough Nursery School is the first in town to use such a forward thinking solution to energy use.

But with energy bills soaring, and the green agenda at the forefront of people’s minds, they will probably not be the last.

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A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council said in round figures the cost of the project at Gainsborough Nursery School was in the order of £30,000.

“It will provide free electricity for the nursery school to use when in operation and generating electricity,” he said.

“It will also provide an income stream guaranteed for 25 years known as the ‘feed in’ tariff.”

The nursery school scheme was just a small part of a wider £1 million exercise that saw Lincolnshire County Council work in partnership to install 450kw panels on 13 district council and school buildings across the county.