Location of new car park doesn’t make sense

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What were they thinking? Building a premium car park in such a location? I am, of course, referring to the new carpark being built off Plantation Hill next to the shops on Kilton Hill, and just before Bassetlaw Hospital. I bet the premium carpark company Bank Mark Management saw an opportunity with the hospital staff parking scandal.

However, when you look at the location, even before they have finished building the location, there will not be enough space for hospital staff. You may be able to get a quarter of the hospital staff parked up in there. Maybe it’s for visitors to the hospital, but it’s a bit of a walk from there up to the hospital.

I do mean “up” because it’s a fairly steep uphill walk. No-one visiting the shops would be willing to pay £1 just to go to the shops.

If it was free parking, then the carpark will be full 24/7 with hospital staff. I did the maths.

If the hospital staff used the car park, they would be paying near close to what they would have to pay for hospital parking.

It probably would have been better if housing was built on the location.

Simon White