LOCAL ELECTION 2015: Gains for Conservatives, but Labour still retains control of Bassetlaw Council

The District council election results have been announced today (Friday 5th May 2015), with Labour retaining control of Bassetlaw.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 8th May 2015, 5:17 pm
The count begins...
The count begins...

Bassetlaw council now consists of 33 Labour councillors, 12 Conservative councillors and three Independents.

The results were as follows:

Worksop North: Gwyneth Jones, Labour (hold) Josie Potts, Labour (hold) and Sarah Farncombe, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 2,130

Labour: 1,971

Labour: 1,731

UKIP: 1,239

Conservative: 1,248

Worksop North East: Simon Greaves, Labour (hold), Alan Rhodes, Labour (hold) and Maddy Richardson, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,632

Labour: 1,614

Labour: 1,330

Conservative: 992


Worksop North West: Dean Brett, Labour (hold), Sybil Fielding, Labour (hold), and David Pressley, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,533

Labour: 1,746

Labour: 1,434

UKIP: 1,078

Conservative: 1,004

Worksop East: Cliff Entwistle, Labour (hold), Debbie Merryweather, Labour (hold) and Jo White, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,731


Labour: 1,435

Conservative: 571


Worksop South: Kevin Greaves, Labour (hold), Julie Leigh, Labour (hold) and Dianne Hare, Conservative (gain) elected.

Labour: 1,143

Labour: 1,462

Labour: 1,069

Conservative: 1,492

UKIP: 1,098

Green: 551

Worksop South East: Josie Potts, Labour (hold), Deidre Foley, Labour (hold), and John Shephard, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,798


Labour: 1,494


UKIP: 807

Green: 339

East Retford East: Mike Quigley, Conservative (hold), Susan Shaw, Labour (hold) and Michael Storey, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,735


Labour: 1,423

Conservative: 1,136

Green: 776

East Retford South: Carolyn Troop, Labour (hold) and Helen Richards, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,186

Labour: 1,194

Conservative: 489


East Retford West: Alan Chambers, Labour (hold) and James Anderson, Labour (hold elected.

Labour: 1,011

Labour: 889

Conservative: 778

UKIP: 576

Lib Dems: 348

East Retford North: Anthony Tromans, Conservative (gain), Graham Oxby, Labour (hold) and Garry Clarkson, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,176


Labour: 1,100

Conservative: 1,136

UKIP: 766

Carlton: Robin Carrington-Wilde, Labour (hold), Dave Pidwell, Labour (hold) and Steve Scotthorne, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,273

Labour: 1,393

Labour: 1,235

Conservative: 875

UKIP: 763

Harworth: David Challinor, Labour (hold), Gloria Evans, Labour (hold), Anita Smith, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 1,945

Labour: 1,976

Labout: 1,866

Conservative: 803

Ranskill: Michael Gray. Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservatives: 789

Labour: 307

Lib Dems: 167

Langold: Gillian Freeman, Labour (hold) elected.

Labour: 750


Sturton: Hugh Burton, Independent (hold) elected.

Indepenedent: 819

Labour: 279


Everton: Annette Simpson, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 780

Labour: 337

UKIP: 220

Lib Dems: 85

Misterton: Hazel Brand, Independent (hold) elected.

Independent: 744

Conservative: 331

UKIP: 206

Tuxford and Trent: Keith Isard, Conservative (hold) and Shirley Isard, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 1,341

Conservative: 1,191

Labour: 807

Labour: 792

Rampton: Teresa Critchley, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 789

Labour: 349

Clayworth: Kathleen Sutton, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 846

Labour: 310

East Markham: John Ogle, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 1,100

Labour: 340

Blyth: Barry Bowles, Conservative (hold) elected.

Conservative: 556

Labour: 556

UKIP: 208

Lib Dems: 58

Welbeck: Kevin Dukes, Labour (hold) elected.