Litterbugs are ‘low life’

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The newly restored bandstand in Langold Country Park is being left in a mess by ‘local low life’.

A concerned resident contacted the Guardian after finding empty beer cans, a vodka bottle and underwear strewn across the bandstand and on the grass around it.

The resident, who did not want to named for fear of reprisals, said he and his wife regularly collect rubbish from the park while out walking their dog.

“A few days ago we cleared up glass beer bottles, one of which had been purposely smashed into the grass at the side of the bandstand,” he said.

“On Friday we collected several beer bottles and on Saturday we collected 12 beer cans and two boxer shorts.”

“On Monday morning we again cleared up two pairs of shorts, socks, jogging bottoms and an empty bottle of vodka, and further away towards the lake my wife collected up three pairs of underpants, socks and various other bits and pieces.”

“Unless something is done the bandstand will revert to its previous dilapidation.”

The 1920s bandstand was given a facelift thanks to £25,000 from Notts County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme.

The Friends of Langold Country Park applied to LIS for funding and the application was approved by local councillor Sheila Place.

Paul Wrobel, chairman of the Friends group, reassured the resident that arrangements are in place to keep the area rubbish-free.

“We are totally disgusted at the few mindless people who would do this,” he said.

“We have a policy of someone collecting the rubbish up. Why the rubbish was not collected we are chasing up, but the photos were probably taken before it was cleared.”

“I know due to summer holidays a lot of young people use the lake as an area for drinking. Rubbish bins are provided and the rubbish collected.”

“If people do not use them then it is a crying shame, we will be keeping a check on this situation,” he added.