Litter - our town is an absolute disgrace!

I have lived in and around Worksop for all of my life. Now I live on Newcastle Avenue and I must say that I am beginning to despair at the state of the town.

From my house near Stubbing Lane its a short walk to the town.

The pavement, on both sides, is strewn with cigarette ends, discarded drinks tins, Styrofoam containers, pizza boxes and empty cigarette packets.

Near the nursery on Newcastle Avenue, plastic bags adorn the fence near the small stream, just over the fence is a pile of litter, a drinks tin floating in the stream. Disgusting looking stains decorate the pavements.

You would think it would get better in the town centre but it is not the case.

Discarded butt ends as far as the eye can see, litter and a copious amount of more dubious looking pavement stains decorate Bridge Street end to end.

Surely if we want an improving town centre with good shops, etc, this has to 

This is not a rant at our local council which operates within the vicious budget restraints it has had to work with for years.

For me it is a sad situation, Worksop is a good place to live but the state of our town leaves little room for pride. Its citizens need to change their behaviour but I’m not optimistic things will change.

Andy Phipps

Newcastle Avenue, 

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