Lincs: Apply to become a Co-op Community Champion

Charities and community groups are being encouraged to apply to be part of Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Champions scheme, which could see them raise hundreds of pounds.

All Lincolnshire Co-op members are linked to a Community Champion, which is a good cause close to where they live.

Every time a member shops using their dividend card in any Lincolnshire Co-op outlet where points are issued, a donation from the Community Champions pot goes towards their local good cause.

The groups change every three months so lots of organisations can benefit.

If a member chooses, they can also sign up to give their donations to one group all year round.

Typically, after every three month stint, around 80 local groups share in £45,000.

Now, the Society’s Membership and Community team are looking for more groups to come forward and get involved.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Member Engagement Manager, Richard Whittaker, said: “It’s a great chance for charities and community groups to get a fundraising boost.

“We know there must be lots of groups out there that could benefit and it’s really simple to apply to be a Community Champion.

“Groups just have to fill out a short form and if they’re chosen, they’ll be able to raise hundreds of pounds.

“The more our members shop in our outlets, the more the Community Champions raise, so if a charity or group rallies their supporters the total could be even more.”

For more on the Community Champions scheme and how to apply visit or pick up a form in your nearest store.

Lincolnshire Co-op is an independent co-operative society.