Lib Dems say they have complained to police watchdog over ‘confiscated computers’

A member of the Ashfield Liberal Democrats party says he has made a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaint’s Commission after Nottinghamshire Police ‘seized computer equipment’ during the recent election campaign.
News from the police...News from the police...
News from the police...

Lib Dem party spokesman David Hennigan said that the police raided their Outram Street offices just days before the start of the general and local elections, as the police were investigating claims of historic sex allegations against former parliamentary candidate Jason Zadrozny.

They have claimed that their local election campaign was hugely damaged by this, and that they ‘lost two crucial weeks’.

Nottinghamshire Police said they were ‘unaware’ of the complaint, and will ‘look into it in due course’.

Read the full report online tomorrow.

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