LETTER: We want politicians who will fight for the UK

An open letter to the political elite in Westminster.
Houses of ParliamentHouses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

While, for many people the EU referendum was a straight in/out vote from an institution that had evolved from the European Common Market that the UK joined in 1972, to a self-serving behemoth that cannot even decide where it should be based, there was a subtext to the referendum that should be explored.

In my view, for years the politicians of every party have ignored the majority of voters in the country to the extent that many people were politically disenfranchised and had lost interest in politics.

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The expenses scandal just went to show that for many politicians, their only motivations were greed and self interest.

The only choice has been between one party run by a privately educated career politician or a slightly different party run by a privately educated career politician. Then came the financial crash caused by the politicians’ good pals, the bankers.

The Government poured public money into the banks to prevent them collapsing and then punished the electorate with years of austerity, telling us that “we are all in this together”, but we were not.

It has been business as usual for all politicians, bankers and their business cronies, while we all paid the price with austerity cuts.

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Vague threats of tougher banking regulation were occasionally mooted, but guess what happened when the voting finished at the end of the referendum, when the polls predicted a remain win… the banks gambled and the pound surged against the Dollar, only for it to rapidly reverse once reality set in.

Some people just never learn, do they?

This referendum has given voters one chance to show the Westminster elite exactly what they think – you offer us nothing.

Many politicians of all political parties were pro-remain, but all your pleadings, and scare tactics were rejected by the people.

We don’t want Boris Johnson, or Nigel Farage, or Jeremy Corbyn, or Tim Farron.

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We want someone to vote for who has worked at a real job, who understands the people of the country, who has fought for the country, who understands what war means, who is prepared to look after the institutions and values that the people of this country hold dear.

Someone who will fight for the UK, not his cronies.

We want politicians who understand how the heart of this once great country beats, not ones that try to dictate and offer meaningless platitudes.

So, on the next election ballot paper, please include a tick box for the candidate “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.

Stephen Treece

By email