LETTER: Vesuvius Site - imagine Worksop without campaigns

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The recent articles on the renewed applications to build retail, community and leisure facilities on the old Vesuvius site at Sandy Lane should make people remember the intensive campaign by members of Worksop Against Incineration in 2012 and beyond , and the many members of the community who signed petitions and lobbied their Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire County Council members and MP.

Following some disastrous fires at the waste piles of NRL near the BDC waste recycling facility in 2013, there had been a scoping report by Kilbride to build a very large incinerator to burn plastics and domestic refuse.

In the event, the massive public objection played a large part in Kilbride’s withdrawal of their application.

Imagine the impact it would have had at a site that now needs to be clean and green. There has since been a hotel being built at The Lock Keeper and housing scheduled for the old Dormer site on Shireoaks Road that might have been subject to fumes and fallout from the planned massive chimney.

There are still piles of old refuse around the site that pose another serious fire risk and in this hot summer we need to be on guard and get it cleaned up and taken away by the operators.

It is well to remember why there was such an intensive and successful campaign by local people, WAI, UKWIN and community representatives and parish and district councillors .

Without such campaigns Worksop would still be seen as a post-industrial town where anything goes –imagine a town centre struggling to regenerate in a giant chimney’s shadow.

Mike Wild